Best Time to Trek Everest Base Camp

The best time to trek Everest Base Camp are: February to May, and September to November. The trekking during February to May is worth trying as the peaks aiming towards the sky look clear, the days are bright and dry. You can see lots of people attempting summit of the Everest in this time, and during this period the area becomes pretty busy. The climbing adventure is thrilled by accompanying people from various parts of the country and world. During September to November, before super cold in winter, the weather isn't unstable. However, from November onwards, the temperature at the Everest Base Camp remains between -20 to -30 degree Celsius.
During November, the weather is clear during day and few trekkers would be attempting the summit. The night is very cold, colder if stayed at high altitude. If stayed at the valleys, one can experience mild temperature. During the winter season, trekkers aren't allowed through some famous routes. For those aiming to breathe air high above the clouds, Everest Base Camp trek could be very much fulfilling. Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday lives, honking of cars, cries of people, this trek inflates ones spiritual belongingness to the bare nature.
The memories blended with cultures of Sherpa, chanting at monasteries, spectacular scenes, blooming Rhododendron, together with discovering one's own courage are worth trying. It is a gateway for climbing the highest mountain of the world—the Mount Everest. The history of Everest Base Camp is long, with few tragedies due to death of climbers. It remains the most sought and desired trek around the globe since many years.
Every year thousands of trekkers accomplish the Everest Base Camp (EBC) trek. Approximately 40,000 people trekked from Lukla to EBC in 2015. The weather during November through to January is pretty low; only during the night the weather becomes quite chilly. As you ascend high, the temperature keeps on dropping. September through October is moderate and warmer; all the popular routes remain open with large number of visitors. From November onwards, the journey may become pretty challenging. The ideal time for trek is during autumn and spring season. June through August isn't much expected for trekking EBC. We assist you carve this life-long memory of EBC trek. Our professional and experienced team will be of much help for maintaining protection and wellbeing of our clients.