Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulty

Lots of people ask us the same question- Is it difficult trekking to Everest Base Camp? Everest Base Camp in Nepal does not have access to road so trekking is the only viable option. The normal EBC trek route begins at Lukla and winds up and down to Base Camp through challenging Khumbu glacier. You do not need to have technical climbing skills to join this trek. The challenges on EBC will be the length of trek and elevation. This trek is for everyone with normal health condition. One does not need pre- trekking experience.    

Length of EBC Route 
The first challenge that you will face is of distance. You need to walk for 65km distance to reach Base Camp from Lukla. Thus, you should be prepared to cover 130km of distance in total from Lukla to Base Camp and Base Camp to Lukla. In an average, you should be ready to walk about 5 to 6 hours each day. With proper acclimatization and experienced guide, 130 km is still conquerable. The plus side is that your luggage will be carried by Sherpa porters. So, you can travel light without having to worry about trekking with carrying loads. There will be challenges of walking through steep, rocky and snowy sections where there are no paved path.

Altitude will be of major challenge. Trekking in high altitude is itself a difficult task as there is possibility of High Altitude Sickness due to thin air and lack of adequate oxygen. Our trek starts from Lukla that is located at 3,000 m altitude and path winds up and down till we reach EBC (5364 m).

How to train for Everest Base Camp Trek?
All you need is a basic training. It is recommended that you begin to prepare for EBC Trek six weeks before your scheduled trek. Aerobic Exercise and walking with load for few hours each day is good training.