How to prepare for the Everest Base Camp Trek

We've got important message to you if you are wondering about how to prepare for the Everest Base Camp trek. You need to be physically strong, mentally ready, have appropriate gear, pack few energy rich treats, and yes—always be searching about what you should be doing throughout the trek. Acclimatization is the most important thing to always keep at the top priority list, no matter how excited you are to finish the trek. Stay hydrated; have hygienic and nutritious food and drinks intake. Be slow and walk continuously.  As long as you meet what we mention here, you are perfect for the trek.
Walking continuously more than 6 hours each day puts strain to your body, accompanied by the altitude sickness due to lack of enough amount of oxygen in the air. Since, it is not a technical climb, you don't have to have extraordinary physical strength and experience in technical climbing. However, your body must adapt in the high altitude adventure and tolerate the internal and external pressure, which could only be attained if you have trained your body. Carry a backpack and hike for few weeks before heading off to EBC trekking. Spend more time in hills and mountains.
Then comes your mental preparation; you have to be mentally prepared to face and adapt throughout the physical exertion and accommodational limitations. You will not get very comfortable bed and the toilets aren't of Western style. You might see a hole on the floor with small bowl. But in case when the nature calls you when you are outdoor and no teahouses are nearby, you will have no other way than to defecate outdoor! In addition to this, you will have to take care of your health, always. Have strong, good, waterproof boots, so that you could take care of your feet while trekking. Also have a down jacket, with 650-750 fill down. Carry a convenient water bottle so that you would be drinking water and staying hydrated throughout the trek. To avoid sun, have a sun hat; and similarly cover your body as much as possible.
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